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Aerita of the light country Ray Cummings

Years have passed, and the doings of Tama, Princess of Mercury, have become the stuff of legend to the women of the Light Country. But now tyranny threa...view book »


Shadow of the Rope E. W. Hornung

Rachel Minchin stands in the dock, accused of murdering the dissolute husband she was preparing to leave. The trial is sensational, and public opinion v...view book »


Tracer of Lost Persons Robert W. Chambers

Mr. Gatewood is a grumpy man whose friend wishes to find a woman to entertain him. A soldier continues to see visions of a woman he’d seen once on a tra...view book »


Carson of Venus Edgar Rice Burroughs

Carson Napier is the first Earthman to visit Venus, and he has to keep alert every moment of his stay in that world of mist and mystery. For its territo...view book »


It Can't Happen Here Sinclair Lewis

A vain, outlandish, anti-immigrant, fear-mongering demagogue runs for President of the United States - and wins. Lewis’s chilling, and yet prescient bes...view book »


Shepherd of Guadaloupe Zane Grey

A soldier returns home to find his parents displaced and their property stolen in this classic Western. After surviving the brutality of the First Worl...view book »

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    Edgar Rice Burroughs

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    C. S. Lewis

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    Charles Dickens

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The Annihilist

Lester Dent

The dread Annihilist was slaughtering the criminals of New York in wholesale lots. Hundreds of men were found mysteriously murdered, victims of the hideous pop-eyed death. The finger of suspicion pointed directly at one man, Doc Savage himself. Even as The Man of Bronze scrambled to solve the terrifying enigma, the invisible assassin began to play havoc with one of humanity's most important secret defenses — Doc Savage's legendary crime college.

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