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Mr. Midshipman Hornblower C. S. Forester

The year is 1793, the eve of the Napoleonic Wars, and Horatio Hornblower, a seventeen-year-old boy unschooled in seafaring and the ways of seamen, is or...view book »


Jerry Junior Jean Webster

Even with the beauties of Valedolmo, Italy surrounding him, Jermyn Hilliard Jr. is bored. He has nothing to do, no one to talk to but his hotel’s head w...view book »


Lost on Venus Edgar Rice Burroughs

Second in the Venus series. Carson Napier begins this episode in the Room of the Seven Doors. He can leave any time he wants, but six of the seven doors...view book »


No Hero E. W. Hornung

No Hero…A woman from his past…A mysterious, sealed letter…A mountain with a deadly reputation…What brings these things together? And will they confirm o...view book »


Farmer Boy Laura Ingalls Wilder

Growing up on his family’s farm in New York, Almanzo Wilder wishes for just one thing–his very own horse. But Father doesn’t yet trust him with such a b...view book »


Lands of the Earthquake Henry Kuttner

William Boyce, in whose veins flows the blood of crusaders, goes on the quest of a lost memory and a mysterious woman in an odd clime where cities move ...view book »

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    Agatha Christie

  3. Middlemarch
    George Eliot

  4. Whose Body?
    Dorothy L. Sayers

  5. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
    Mark Twain

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  1. Second Stage Lensmen
    E. E. "Doc" Smith

  2. The Imperial Stars
    E. E. "Doc" Smith

  3. Ralestone Luck
    Andre Norton

  4. The Skylark of Space
    E. E. "Doc" Smith

  5. The Once and Future King
    T. H. White

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The Book of Life

Upton Sinclair

Upton Sinclair, one of America's foremost and most prolific authors, addresses the cultivation of the mind and the body. Sinclair's goal was to attempt to tell the reader how to live, how to find health, happiness and success, and how to develop fully both the mind and the body. Part One: The Book of the Mind covers such subjects as faith, reason, morality, and the subconscious. Part Two: The Book of the Body develops such subjects as errors i…Read More »

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