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  1. Nineteen Eighty-Four
    George Orwell

  2. Jane Eyre
    Charlotte Brontë

  3. Conan the Conqueror
    Robert E. Howard

  4. The Metamorphosis
    Franz Kafka

  5. Frankenstein
    Mary Shelley

Top Kindle Downloads

  1. Pride and Prejudice
    Jane Austen

  2. Animal Farm
    George Orwell

  3. 12 Years a Slave
    Solomon Northup

  4. A Witch Shall Be Born
    Robert E. Howard

  5. Les Misérables
    Victor Hugo

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  • book cover

    Max and Moritz Wilhelm Busch

    Max and Moritz is an illustrated story in verse; highly inventive, blackly humorous tale, told entirely in rhymed couplets, written and illustrated by Wilhelm Busch. It is among the early works of Busch, nevertheless it alrea…Download eBook »

  • book cover

    The Golden Scorpion Sax Rohmer

    In this sequel to The Yellow Claw, Sax Rohmer's famous detectives Gaston Max and Inspector Dunbar investigate an international gang of assassins that is mysteriously linke…Download eBook »

  • book cover

    Mainly on the Air Max Beerbohm

    Collected radio talks by the celebrated English essayist and humorist Sir Max Beerbohm. Beerbohm returned to England from his home in Rapallo in Italy in about 1935 when his wife, Florence Kahn was cast in a revival of Peer Gyn…Download eBook »

  • book cover

    Phantastes George MacDonald

    One of the first great works of nineteenth-century fantasy fiction, Phantastes inspired many of the great Christian and fantasy authors of the twentieth century. A fairy tale for adults, it is the captivating story of a wealthy…Download eBook »

  • book cover

    Skeleton Men of Jupiter Edgar Rice Burroughs

    Skeleton Men of Jupiter is intended as the first in a series of novelettes to be later collected in book form, in the fashion of Llana of Gathol, it ends with the plot unresolved, and the intended sequels were never written…Download eBook »

  • book cover

    King James Bible Various

    In the course of time, the King James Version came to be regarded as 'the Authorized Version.' It has been termed the "noblest monument of English prose," and it has come to be of central importance to Western society as no…Download eBook »

Random Pick

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The Lost World

Arthur Conan Doyle

Long before Michael Crichton's high-tech dinosaurs roamed the bestseller lists, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle envisioned an isolated land of prehistoric life that exists in the 20th century. When Ed Malone, a hotheaded journalist with an insatiable thirst for adventure, is sent to interview the notorious Professor Challenger, he manages to charm his way onto the great man’s expedition. Challenger leads the four-man team to a South American jungle on …Read More »

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