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  1. Jane Eyre
    Charlotte Brontë

  2. 12 Years a Slave
    Solomon Northup

  3. Nineteen Eighty-Four
    George Orwell

  4. Men Like Gods
    H. G. Wells

  5. Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana

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  1. Nineteen Eighty-Four
    George Orwell

  2. Pride and Prejudice
    Jane Austen

  3. The World with a Thousand Moons
    Edmond Hamilton

  4. Dream Psychology
    Sigmund Freud

  5. Animal Farm
    George Orwell

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  • book cover

    France at War Rudyard Kipling

    Kipling was reported missing, believed killed, in his first battle on the Western Front. From this time he was constantly in pain from a gastric ulcer. He published some (censored) articles of war journalism in 1915, collected …Download eBook »

  • book cover

    The Moving Picture Boys on the War Front Victor Appleton

    Moving pictures and photo plays are famous the world over, and in this line of books the reader is given a full description of how the films are made–the scenes of little dramas, indoors and out, trick pictures to satisfy the …Download eBook »

  • book cover

    Some Do Not... Ford Madox Ford

    With his acclaimed masterpiece Parade's End, Ford Madox Ford set himself a work of immense scale and ambition: "I wanted the Novelist in fact to appear in his really proud position as historian of his own time… The 'subject' …Download eBook »

  • book cover

    Missing Mary Augusta Ward

    Mrs. Humphry Ward tells the story of a pretty, clinging Englishwoman, who learns through the war's hard lesson the essential dishonesty of clinging. Work brings her spiritual freedom, as it has brought spiritual freedom to hund…Download eBook »

  • book cover

    Ruth Fielding at the War Front Alice B. Emerson

    Ruth continues her work for the Red Cross and is soon transferred to a hospital that is on the war front. Ruth faces the very real danger of possible death but soon has a greater concern. Ruth asks a friend whether there is any…Download eBook »

  • book cover

    England's Effort Mary Augusta Ward

    That is the question which Mrs. Ward, replying to some doubts and queries of an American friend, has undertaken to answer in this series of letters, and every one who reads them will admit that her answer is as complete and tri…Download eBook »

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Plain Tales from the Hills

Rudyard Kipling

Set and published during the time of the British Raj, a time of subalterns and tea planters, the 40 stories in Plain Tales From The Hills are played out under an unforgiving sun, revealing the deceit, faithlessness, shallowness, despair, mistrust, hate, and petty jealousies rife amongst the British inhabitants of India. Fascinating, funny, tragic, immensely readable, and witty, these stories provide an invaluable insight into life in India dur…Read More »

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