Deathworld 2 by Harry Harrison

Deathworld 2

The Ethical Engineer

subjects: Science Fiction


Jason is kidnapped by a self-righteous enemy out to bring him to justice for his various crimes. He forces a crash-landing on a planet where the human population has regressed. The technology is extremely primitive and knowledge is split up among many small clans, each one jealously monopolizing what it knows. Jason uses his ingenuity to survive, trading his knowledge for protection and power in one of these clans. He constructs a device that is a primitive communication device in disguise; it eventually signals his location to a spaceship piloted by his Pyrran girlfriend, Meta. (source: Wikipedia)


Jason dinAlt looked unhappily at the two stretchers as they were carried by. “Are they at it again?” he asked.

Brucco nodded, the scowl permanently ingrained now on his hawklike face. “We have only one thing to be thankful for. That is—so far at least—they haven’t used any weapons on each other.”

Jason looked down unbelievingly at the shredded clothing, crushed flesh and broken bones. “The absence of weapons doesn’t appear to make much difference when two Pyrrans start fighting. It seems impossible that this damage could be administered bare–handed.”

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