The History of Tom Thumb, and Others by Anonymous

The History of Tom Thumb, and Others


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subjects: Children's Classic Fiction, Children's Short Stories

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After many adventures, a tiny boy, no bigger than his father’s thumb, earns a place as the smallest Knight of the Round Table. Also includes “The Cat and the Mouse” and “Fire! Fire! Burn Stick!”

17 pages, with a reading time of ~0.5 hours (4,250 words), and first published in 0. This DRM-Free edition published by epubBooks, .

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It is said that in the days of the famed Prince Arthur, who was king of Britain, in the year 516, there lived a great magician, called Merlin, the most learned and skilful enchanter in the world at that time.

This great magician, who could assume any form he pleased, was travelling in the disguise of a poor beggar, and being very much fatigued, he stopped at the cottage of an honest ploughman to rest himself, and asked for some refreshment.

The countryman gave him a hearty welcome, and his wife, who was a very good–hearted, hospital woman, soon brought him some milk in a wooden bowl, an some coarse brown bread on a platter.