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His Masterpiece Émile Zola

The Masterpiece is the tragic story of Claude Lantier, an ambitious and talented young artist who has come from the provinces to conquer Paris but is con...view book »


A Tear and a Smile Kahlil Gibran

Contains 56 parables, stories, and poems this book is considered to be the most important edition in the canon of Kahlil Gibran. His Romantic style was a...view book »


The Childerbridge Mystery Guy Boothby

William Standerton returns to England with his two kids and a small fortune, where he purchases a supposedly haunted-house. Shortly after, William is kil...view book »


The Younger Brother Aphra Behn

Mirtilla, the Amorous Jilt, who had once been attached to George Marteen, the Younger Brother, married for a convenience the clownish Sir Morgan Blunder....view book »


Iphigenia in Tauris Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

In King Thaos’s kingdom, Iphigenia is the priestess of Artemis who takes the lives of strangers in sacrifice for the gods. Until the day two special stra...view book »


The Free Fishers John Buchan

Set in the bleak Yorkshire hamlet of Hungrygrain, this is a stirring tale of treason and romance. Anthony Lammas, minister and Professor of Logic at St A...view book »

Top ePub Downloads

  1. The Silver Chair
    C. S. Lewis

  2. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
    C. S. Lewis

  3. The Stone Man
    Lester Dent

  4. The Sign of the Four
    Arthur Conan Doyle

  5. The Magician's Nephew
    C. S. Lewis

Top Kindle Downloads

  1. Death Comes for the Archbishop
    Willa Cather

  2. The Childerbridge Mystery
    Guy Boothby

  3. Think and Grow Rich!
    Napoleon Hill

  4. Travelling Sketches
    Anthony Trollope

  5. Leaves of Grass
    Walt Whitman

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The Color Out Of Space

H. P. Lovecraft

Set in the fictional town of Arkham, Massachusetts, an unnamed narrator investigates a local area known as the 'blasted hearth.' After failing to extract any information from the Arkham locals, the narrator encounters an old man, Ammi Pierce, who relates the story of a farmer who once lived there. The hearth, he claims, was caused by a meteorite that fell onto the farmer’s field in 1882. The Color Out of Space is one of H.P. Lovecraft’s best…Read More »

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