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Many Dimensions Charles Williams

The fabled Stone of Suleiman (King Solomon) is illegally purchased from its Islamic guardian in Baghdad by an evil antique dealer. On returning to Engl...view book »


Amphibians S. Fowler Wright

A classic novel of time travel into the future. Mankind is extinct and two other intelligent races fight for control of Earth. In this far-future Earth ...view book »


Sodom and Gomorrah Marcel Proust

The narrator not only depicts the class tensions of a changing France at the beginning of the twentieth century but also exposes the decadence of aristo...view book »


Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship Goethe

Wilhelm Meister, the son of a merchant, has been seduced by the chimerical world of the theater and embarks on the ambitious quest to become a great the...view book »


Time Stream John Taine

Some time in the far past or distant future, on the scientifically advanced world of Eos (which just might be Earth), Cheryl demands the right to marry ...view book »


Genetic Effects of Radiation I. Asimov

Nuclear energy is playing a vital role in the life of every man, woman, and child in the world today. Now and in the years ahead, it will continue to af...view book »

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  1. Many Dimensions
    Charles Williams

  2. The Long Winter
    Laura Ingalls Wilder

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    Isaac Asimov

  4. The Shadow of the Rope
    E. W. Hornung

  5. The Old Man and the Sea
    Ernest Hemingway

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Clarissa - Volume 3

Samuel Richardson

This is Volume 3 of Samuel Richardson's classic novel; Clarissa. Pressured by her unscrupulous family to marry a wealthy man she detests, the young Clarissa Harlowe is tricked into fleeing with the witty and debonair Robert Lovelace and places herself under his protection. Lovelace, however, proves himself to be an untrustworthy rake whose vague promises of marriage are accompanied by unwelcome and increasingly brutal sexual advances. And yet,…Read More »

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