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The Franchise Affair Josephine Tey

Robert Blair was about to knock off from a slow day at his law firm when the phone rang. It was Marion Sharpe on the line, a local woman of quiet disposi...view book »


The False Count Aphra Behn

Don Carlos, Governor of Cadiz, has been contracted to Julia, currently married to the rich old Francisco, and in order to gain her, mans a captured Turk ...view book »


Rosinante to the Road Again John Dos Passos

Drawing on his own adventures in the Spanish countryside, Dos Passos writes a story of two nomads walking from Madrid to Toledo in the years after World ...view book »


Casanova: Part 22 - To London Giacomo Casanova

I meet the Venetian ambassadors at Lyons, and also Marcoline’s uncle. I then part from Marcoline and set out for Paris, where upon I drive my brother the...view book »


The Secret of Father Brown G. K. Chesterton

Easily the darkest of Chesterton’s Father Brown collections, it is nonetheless a masterwork of perception of the human condition, explored through the us...view book »


The Green Ray Jules Verne

Most of the marvels or impossibilities in here are to be found in the picture there presented to us of Scottish names, manners and costumes. It will hard...view book »

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    Nevil Shute

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    Bram Stoker

  5. Casino Royale
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Hudson Bay

R. M. Ballantyne

Aged just sixteen, the intrepid young Scotsman Robert M. Ballantyne joined the Hudson's Bay Company. Posted immediately to North-Eastern Canada, he spent five years traversing the region's inhospitable terrain by sleigh and canoe. His journal and letters home were so evocative that, upon his return, he was persuaded to publish an account of his experiences. Combining anthropological observations with descriptions of landscapes, plants, and a…Read More »

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