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The Bishop Murder Case S. S. Van Dine

When Joseph Cochrane Robin is found murdered in New York’s upper west side accompanied by a note quoting the nursery rhyme “Who Killed Cock Robin”, Philo...view book »


Casanova: Part 15 - With Voltaire Giacomo Casanova

M. de Voltaire; my discussions with that Great Man. The Syndic and the three girls, and then the dispute with Voltaire. My Adventures at Aix, and my seco...view book »


Snake Eyes Tom Maddox

This story was originally published in Omni Magazine, April, 1986; and in Mirrorshades: The Cyberpunk Anthology,1986. Dark meat in the can–brown, oily, a...view book »


The Mystery on the Snow Lester Dent

In one of his most important adventures, the Man of Bronze journeys north to Canada, and in her magnificent wilderness solves a billion-dollar riddle: Wh...view book »


Lonely Road Nevil Shute

Malcolm Stevenson, a wealthy ex-naval officer haunted by his memories of the war, finds his lonely life turned upside down one night when he runs into tr...view book »


Henry VI William Shakespeare

Displaying the bold vision and growing skill of a young playwright, these are Shakespeare’s first three history plays, covering some sixty tumultuous yea...view book »

Top ePub Downloads

  1. Think and Grow Rich!
    Napoleon Hill

  2. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
    L. Frank Baum

  3. A Tale of Two Cities
    Charles Dickens

  4. On Stories
    C. S. Lewis

  5. The People of the Black Circle
    Robert E. Howard

Top Kindle Downloads

  1. The Merchant of Venice
    William Shakespeare

  2. The Arabian Nights

  3. The Silver Chair
    C. S. Lewis

  4. The Red Room
    H. G. Wells

  5. Brigands of the Moon
    Ray Cummings

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Star Hunter

Andre Norton

Star Hunter tells the tale of Vye Lansor, an orphan down on his luck until Ras Hume arrives, bringing danger and adventure with him. Vye quickly finds himself cast as the pawn in a complex plot to defraud an inter-galactic trading combine by reprogramming him to believe he is the long-lost heir of the company’s fortunes, the sole survivor of a crash on the newly discovered jungle planet of Jumala. As he fights to regain control of his mind a…Read More »

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