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Streets of Night John Dos Passos

A novel begun in college and then reworked for seven years, this work mirrors the author’s experience at Harvard and in greater Boston. The novel reflec...view book »


King of Terror Lester Dent

A ruthless madman is plotting to rule the world. His ingenious plan involves an enigmatic woman, a psychotic surgeon, and a strange and powerful fog tha...view book »


Bacon Charles Williams

Williams’ biographical account of the life of Sir Francis Bacon was first published in 1933. He identified five major modes of thought that he believed ...view book »


Young Lovell Ford Madox Ford

The Young Lovell is a romance of the Borders. The date is towards the end of the 15th Century, running up to the beginnings of the reformation, through ...view book »


No Man's Land Sapper

No Man’s Land is a collection of short stories of World War I. From horrific descriptions of the western front to a light hearted crime yarn. This is Sa...view book »


Bar-20 Three Clarence E. Mulford

Hopalong Cassidy, Red Connors and Johnny nelson rode across the searing inferno of the Staked Plains and challenged Kane—who dominated the country like ...view book »

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  1. My Man Jeeves
    P. G. Wodehouse

  2. Andersen's Fairy Tales
    Hans Christian Andersen

  3. Vile Bodies
    Evelyn Waugh

  4. Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
    Arthur Conan Doyle

  5. Police Operation
    H. Beam Piper

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  1. Jack O'Judgment
    Edgar Wallace

  2. Tales from Shakespeare
    Charles Lamb

  3. The Art of War
    Sun Tzu

  4. Arsène Lupin, Gentleman-Burglar
    Maurice Leblanc

  5. Through the Looking-Glass
    Lewis Carroll

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Original Maupassant Short Stories

Guy de Maupassant

"I entered literary life as a meteor, and I shall leave it like a thunderbolt." These words of Maupassant to Jose Maria de Heredia on the occasion of a memorable meeting are, in spite of their morbid solemnity, not an inexact summing up of the brief career during which, for ten years, the writer, by turns undaunted and sorrowful, with the fertility of a master hand produced poetry, novels, romances and travels, only to sink prematurely into th…Read More »

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