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Hornblower and the Hotspur C. S. Forester

The Peace of Amiens is breaking down. Napoleon is building ships and amassing an army just across the Channel. Horatio Hornblower, who, at age twenty-se...view book »


Mistress Masham's Repose T. H. White

So ten-year-old Maria, orphaned mistress of Malplaquet, discovers the secret of her deteriorating estate: on a deserted island at its far corner, in the...view book »


Tappan's Burro Zane Grey

Prospecting was a lonely business for Tappan, but his burro Jenet was good company, and more. She knew the trails and waterholes better than Tappan, fro...view book »


Lion and the Unicorn George Orwell

Orwell’s moving reflections on the English character and his passionate belief in the need for political change. The Lion and the Unicorn was written in...view book »


Seeds of Life John Taine

This is the story of Neils Bork, an alcoholic and failure raised to supernal heights of scientific genius and altruism by a scientific accident. And it ...view book »


Lieutenant Hornblower C. S. Forester

The nineteenth century dawns and the Napoleonic Wars rage as Horatio Hornblower is ordered to the Caribbean and dangerous waters. New Lieutenant Hornblo...view book »

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    George Orwell

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  5. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
    C. S. Lewis

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Stepsons of France

P. C. Wren

A vivid picture of life in the French Foreign Legion. The sayings, the doings and adventures of those reckless soldiers make it not only a romance but a reality. Soldats de la Légion, de la Légion Étrangère, n'ayant pas de nation, la France est votre Mère. – War-Song of the Legion. A selection of tales from Wren, including: Ten little Legionaries, A la Ninon de L'Enclos, An Officer and—a Liar, The Dead Hand, The Gift, The Deserter, Five M…Read More »

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