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Rudy and Babette Hans Christian Andersen

Written towards the end of Andersen’s career, Rudy and Babette tells the tale of Rudy, a boy who lost both his parents and goes to live with his uncle. R...view book »


Tom Brown at Oxford Thomas Hughes

The follow-up to the much-beloved Tom Brown’s Schooldays, Thomas Hughes’ novel follows the rowdy but good-hearted protagonist as he leaves his school-boy...view book »


Titus Andronicus William Shakespeare

An embittered Roman General returns from war, having captured the Queen of the Goths and her three sons. Sacrificing the eldest, in memory of his own son...view book »


The Dutch Lover Aphra Behn

Sil. Why–I would have thee do–I know not what– Still to be with me–yet that will not satisfie; To let me–look upon thee–still that’s not enough. I dare n...view book »


Casanova Part 7: Venice Giacomo Casanova

Followed by authorities of the Inquisition, Casanova fled from place to place and landed in Venice. Feeling comfortable in his birth place, he started wo...view book »


Skull-Face Robert E. Howard

Boxer Steve Costigan drearily waking in Yu Shantu’s Temple of Dreams, a hashish den in the city of London, England. He has been re-occurring dreams of so...view book »

Top ePub Downloads

  1. Nineteen Eighty-Four
    George Orwell

  2. The Art of War
    Sun Tzu

  3. Starfish
    Peter Watts

  4. Anna Karenina
    Leo Tolstoy

  5. The Picture of Dorian Gray
    Oscar Wilde

Top Kindle Downloads

  1. Prince Caspian
    C. S. Lewis

  2. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
    C. S. Lewis

  3. Gone With The Wind
    Margaret Mitchell

  4. The Horse and his Boy
    C. S. Lewis

  5. Anna Karenina
    Leo Tolstoy

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The Moon Endureth

John Buchan

Dealing mainly with the mysterious and the inexplicable, these stories lead the reader through the weird, uncharted borderland swayed by the psychic supernatural or invisible powers. Mystery, romance, and adventure abound in them. Contrasting with tales of this type are realistic tales of both the past and the present. Both kinds of stories will appeal to those of discriminating literary taste. Many of these stories on their first appearance i…Read More »

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