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To Love and Be Wise Josephine Tey

When a young strikingly handsome photographer mysteriously disappears, it’s up to Inspector Alan Grant to discover whether he accidentally drowned, c...view book »


Troilus and Cressida William Shakespeare

It is the seventh year of the Trojan War. The Greek army is camped outside Troy and Achilles - their military hero - refuses to fight. Inside the cit...view book »


The Story of Grettir the Strong William Morris

A life scarce worth the living, a poor fame Scarce worth the winning, in a wretched land, Where fear and pain go upon either hand, As toward th...view book »


Casanova: Part 23 - The English Giacomo Casanova

The reader who imagines that at these words rage gave place to love, and that I hastened to obtain the prize, does not know the nature of the passion...view book »


The Comedy of Errors William Shakespeare

Hilarious fun, this early comedy is filled with the merry violence of slapstick and farce. When two sets of twins, separated and apparently lost to e...view book »


So Disdained Nevil Shute

When Peter Moran picks up a man on the roadside while driving through a bitter rainy night on the South Downs, he embarks upon an adventure that will...view book »

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    Margaret Mitchell

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    C. S. Lewis

  5. The Comedy of Errors
    William Shakespeare

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  1. Colonel Chabert
    Honoré de Balzac

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    Thomas Malory

  3. The Awakening
    Kate Chopin

  4. The Conduct of Life
    Ralph Waldo Emerson

  5. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
    Lewis Carroll

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Emily Fox-Seton

Frances Hodgson Burnett

First published as The Making of a Marchioness followed by its sequel The Methods of Lady Walderhurst, the two novels were combined into Emily Fox-Seton who is the two works' primary character. The story follows thirty-something Emily who lives alone, humbly and happily, in a tiny apartment and on a meager income. She is the one that everyone counts on but no one goes out of their way to accommodate. Her fortune changes, however, and the secon…Read More »

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