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Much Ado About Nothing William Shakespeare

The action is set in Sicily, where Don Pedro, Prince of Aragon, has recently defeated his half-brother, the bastard Don John, in a military engagement. A...view book »


The Wanderer Kahlil Gibran

Shortly before his death Gibran completed this book. In these beautiful parables and drawings are crystallized his whole life’s message–a message that ha...view book »


Old Testament Legends M. R. James

This collection is a series of stories not found in the Bible, but found in other works he translated. Among these stories are Adam, about how God showed...view book »


The Ice-Maiden and Other Tales Hans Christian Andersen

The Ice Maiden rules the cold snowcapped mountains of Switzerland. Before Rudy was a year old, the Ice Maiden claimed his father into the icy depths of t...view book »


L'Allegro, Il Penseroso, Comus, and Lycidas John Milton

It is a spectacular collection of poems and songs in which Milton’s particular dramatic and natural chic is evident. The poetry is effervescent as it is ...view book »


In Strange Company Guy Boothby

Australian author Guy Boothby put his wanderlust to work as fodder for his fiction. Though his first publication was a non-fiction account of a trip thro...view book »

Top ePub Downloads

  1. The Aliens
    Murray Leinster

  2. The Great Gatsby
    F. Scott Fitzgerald

  3. Nineteen Eighty-Four
    George Orwell

  4. The Railway Children
    Edith Nesbit

  5. As You Like It
    William Shakespeare

Top Kindle Downloads

  1. Anne Of Green Gables
    L. M. Montgomery

  2. Maelstrom
    Peter Watts

  3. Write It Right
    Ambrose Bierce

  4. As You Like It
    William Shakespeare

  5. The Arabian Nights

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Helen Keller

Optimism is an important essay whcih was written by American author and lecturer Helen Keller. Due to illness, Keller was left blind and deaf at a young age and spent a great deal of years lecturing on behalf of those with similar issues and and facing the same problems that she has. In optimism she writes about how to overcome such issues amd succeed through the practice of Optimism. Optimism is highly recommended for those who are seeking in…Read More »

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