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Brideshead Revisited Evelyn Waugh

Charles Ryder, a lonely student at Oxford, is captivated by the outrageous and decadent Sebastian Flyte. Invited to Brideshead, Sebastian’s magnificent ...view book »


Charlie Chan Carries On Earl Derr Biggers

Inspector Duff, a Scotland Yard detective and friend of Chan’s, is pursuing a murderer on an around-the-world voyage; so far, there have been murders in...view book »


Hornblower and the Atropos C. S. Forester

January 1808, Hornblower is called upon to act as a bargeman while traveling with his wife and baby son to London where he is to take command of the Atr...view book »


Island Aldous Huxley

For over a hundred years the Pacific island of Pala has been the scene of a unique experiment in civilisation. Its inhabitants live in a society where w...view book »


House Of Arden Edith Nesbit

The famous Arden family treasure has been missing for generations, and the last members of the Arden line, Edred, Elfrida, and their Aunt Edith, have no...view book »


A Woman of No Importance Oscar Wilde

Wilde’s audacious drama of social scandal centres around the revelation of Mrs Arbuthnot’s long-concealed secret. A house party is in full swing at Lady...view book »

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  1. Prince Caspian
    C. S. Lewis

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    C. S. Forester

  3. Little Women
    Louisa May Alcott

  4. The Master Builder
    Henrik Ibsen

  5. Animal Farm
    George Orwell

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  1. The Giant of the North
    R. M. Ballantyne

  2. The Man With the Golden Gun
    Ian Fleming

  3. Second Stage Lensmen
    E. E. "Doc" Smith

  4. The Art of War
    Sun Tzu

  5. Crime and Punishment
    Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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A Clergyman's Daughter

George Orwell

Intimidated by her father, the rector of Knype Hill, Dorothy performs her submissive roles of dutiful daughter and bullied housekeeper. Her thoughts are taken up with the costumes she is making for the church school play, by the hopelessness of preaching to the poor and by debts she cannot pay in 1930s Depression England. Suddenly her routine shatters and Dorothy finds herself down and out in London. She is wearing silk stockings, has money in…Read More »

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