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The Greatest Books of All Time?

There are many "greatest books" lists both in print and on the internet. They're always interesting to read, no only for their commonalities but also for their differences. They're also a great way to find inspiration for what classic to read next.

We present here a small selection of some of the more respected and well known lists. As epubBooks contains only Public Domain titles, and books in which the author has given their consent, the emphaisis for the collections presented here are with those that contain a large selection of titles that we can include from our own collection.

BBC: 100 greatest British novels

After polling critics and scholars across the globe, the BBC named the greatest novels by the greatest British authors.

Bokklubben World Library Top 100

Norwegian Book Club consulted authors from 54 countries to compile their list of the most central works in world literature.

The Guardian: 100 Best Novels Written in English

The best English novels written over the last 350 years as compiled by Robert McCrum, the associate editor of the Observer.

The Telegraph: the best sci-fi and fantasy novels of all time

The Telegraph’s list for the best Science Fiction and Fantasy books…of all time!