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Thanks for clicking this page and liking this project enough to want to contribute. There are two ways you can help, each of which will help me to continue growing and delivering this library of free ebooks.

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I've been enjoying public domain books since the 1990's and it means a great deal to me to try and do something that will benefit others for many years to come, which is why I spend a great deal of time producing these great ebooks, and providing them for free.

Therefore, rather than donating money, if you want to contribute the best thing you can possibly do is spread the word. Start a thread on your preferred forum, contact a journalist or website you think might be interested; contact me for an interview if you are a journalist or a website owner. Tell your friends, tell your local book group, or anyone you think might be interested. Like me on Facebook, Tweet about me on Twitter (@epub), Pin me on Pinterest; spread the word about the ebooks on this site.

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The epubBooks running costs may not be on the same scale as sites like Amazon, but there are still costs. Any amount of support is greatly appreciated.