Star Hunter by Andre Norton

Star Hunter


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subjects: Science Fiction

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Star Hunter tells the tale of Vye Lansor, an orphan down on his luck until Ras Hume arrives, bringing danger and adventure with him. Vye quickly finds himself cast as the pawn in a complex plot to defraud an inter-galactic trading combine by reprogramming him to believe he is the long-lost heir of the company’s fortunes, the sole survivor of a crash on the newly discovered jungle planet of Jumala. As he fights to regain control of his mind and uproot the false memories planted in him, Vye must also struggle with a powerful alien intelligence that seeks to force him and Ras Hume into a valley of alien mantraps from which no living thing has ever escaped.

35,750 words, with a reading time of ~ 2.2 hours (~ 143 pages), and first published in 1961. This DRM-Free edition published by epubBooks, .

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Nahuatl’s larger moon pursued the smaller, greenish globe of its companion across a cloudless sky in which the stars made a speckled pattern like the scales of a huge serpent coiled around a black bowl. Ras Hume paused at the border of scented spike–flowers on the top terrace of the Pleasure House to wonder why he thought of serpents. He understood. Mankind’s age–old hatred, brought from his native planet to the distant stars, was evil symbolized by a coil in a twisted, belly–path across the ground. And on Nahuatl, as well as a dozen other worlds, Wass was the serpent.

A night wind was rising, stirring the exotic, half–dozen other worlds’ foliage planted cunningly on the terrace to simulate the mystery of an off–world jungle.

“Hume?” The inquiry seemed to come out of thin air over his head.