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Miss Billy Trilogy

by Eleanor H. Porter

Series Description

The three books of the Miss Billy series follow the adventures of Billy Neilson, an 18-year-old girl whose entire family has died. Her only hope is her late father’s best friend (William Henshaw), whom she writes and, without telling him she’s a girl, hopes he can take her in. Henshaw agrees, finding to his consternation that young Billy is a girl, who soon turns his world upside down with her ways.

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    1. Miss Billy (1911)

    Mr. Neilson was determined to name his first child after his boyhood chum, William Henshaw. When the baby disappointed him by being a girl, he was... read more »

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    2. Miss Billy's Decision (1912)

    The second in the Miss Billy Trilogy, Miss Billy's Decision is a heart warming tale of love and misunderstandings in love. Billy, all grown up in this... read more »

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    3. Miss Billy Married (1914)

    The final entry in Eleanor H. Porter's charming Miss Billy Trilogy about a young orphan who finds love and acceptance in the family of her late father's... read more »