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Elsie Benedict 1885—1970

Elsie Benedict

Elsie Lincoln (Vandegrift) Benedict was an international lecturer and author in the field of psychology and self-improvement, recognized for speaking to over one million people throughout her lifetime. In the 1920s, she was considered the ‘Best known speaker in the world.’ Benedict was a pioneer and well respected expert in the fields of psychoanalysis, sociology, and biology. She drew big audiences in the pre-World War II decades, discussing a wide variety of subjects from choosing personality colors in clothes to fit the individual, to doing well in marriage and in business. In a 1922 lecture at Scottish Rite Auditorium, she commented, \“Most people use less brains in selecting the person with whom they are to spend their lives than they do in choosing an automobile, a bicycle or a cut of steak. Love isn’t enough; there must also be understanding.\” (soucre: Wikipedia)

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