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Henry W. Hewet

Henry W. Hewet

Henry W. Hewet is somewhat of an inigma. It’s seems impossible to find any biographical material to explain who or what he was. However, after much searching it seems that he may have been an engraver, editor and perhaps even a publisher. He is attributed on a number of works, which are mostly Fairy Tales (Cinderella, Puss in Boots, Little Red Riding Hood, etc.) along with historical works and some Shakespeare plays. Hewet is often attributed as the author of a number of Fairy Tales - usually Cinderella - when actually he was just the engraver.

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Cinderella (1855)

Lost in her day dreams, Cinderella imagines a new life far far way from the evils of her stepsisters and stepmother. But when the prince announces a... read more ยป