Thomas Love Peacock 1785—1866

Thomas Love Peacock


Thomas Love Peacock was an English novelist, poet, and official of the East India Company. He was a close friend of Percy Bysshe Shelley and they influenced each other’s work. Peacock wrote satirical novels, each with the same basic setting — characters at a table discussing and criticising the philosophical opinions of the day.

Available eBooks

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    Crotchet Castle (1831)

    As in his earlier novel Headlong Hall, Peacock assembles a group of eccentrics, each with a single monomaniacal obsession, and derives humour and more »

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    Gryll Grange (1861)

    Gregory Gryll, ‘though he found it difficult to trace the pedigree, that he was lineally descended from the ancient and illustrious Gryllus, who more »

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    Headlong Hall (1815)

    Unlike other Welsh squires, the current scion of the ancient and dignified house of Headlong-ap-Headlong, Harry Headlong, Esquire, had actually more »

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    Maid Marian (1822)

    Marian expects that Robin Hood and his Merry Men can help her gain information that can secure her liberty. What she doesn’t expect is to fall in love more »

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    Nightmare Abbey (1818)

    Set in a former abbey whose owner, Christopher Glowry, is host to visitors who enjoy his hospitality and engage in endless debate. Among these guests more »