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The Story of a Fierce Bad Rabbit by Beatrix Potter

The Story of a Fierce Bad Rabbit


subjects: Children's Picture Books

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The Story of A Fierce Bad Rabbit was written especially for editor Harold Warne’s little daughter, Louie, who had told Beatrix that Peter was too good a rabbit, and she wanted a story about a really naughty one! A savage rabbit steals the carrot of a nice rabbit. What will happen to the bad rabbit when a hunter sees him?

0 pages with a reading time of ~15 minutes (174 words), and first published in 1906. This DRM-Free edition published by epubBooks, .

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This is a fierce bad Rabbit; look at his savage whiskers, and his claws and his turned-up tail.

This is a nice gentle Rabbit. His mother has given him a carrot.

The bad Rabbit would like some carrot.

He doesn’t say “Please.” He takes it!

And he scratches the good Rabbit very badly.

The good Rabbit creeps away, and hides in a hole. It feels sad.

This is a man with a gun.

He sees something sitting on a bench. He thinks it is a very funny bird!

He comes creeping up behind the trees.

And then he shoots–BANG!