Ticket No. 9672 by Jules Verne

Ticket No. 9672

The Lottery Ticket


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subjects: Action & Adventure

series: Extraordinary Voyages (#28)

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Jules Verne is almost synonymous with nineteenth-century science fiction. Who can forget Captain Nemo and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas or Robur of Master of the World? And what science fiction buff isn’t aware of A Journey to the Interior of the Earth or From the Earth to the Moon! But the French author wrote much more than science fiction! And not just Around the World in Eighty Days. Here is one of those “forgotten” works. Ticket No. “9672” is a fascinating tale of two women who live in a Norway Inn. Dame Hansen is a foolish creature whose mistakes must be dealt with by her daughter Hulda. Coming to their aid is their brother Joel and the remarkable Sylvius Hogg, who helps them all after the young Hansens rescue him from the edge of the Rjukanfos Waterfall. A rare delight from Verne’s pen, Ticket is a treat for all.

51,000 words, with a reading time of ~ 3.1 hours (~ 204 pages), and first published in 1887. This DRM-Free edition published by epubBooks, .

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“What time is it?” inquired Dame Hansen, shaking the ashes from her pipe, the last curling rings from which were slowly disappearing between the stained rafters overhead.

“Eight o’clock, mother,” replied Hulda.

“It isn’t likely that any travelers will come to–night. The weather is too stormy.”