The Moneychangers by Upton Sinclair

The Moneychangers


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subjects: Classic Fiction

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Here Upton Sinclair offers us a novel about the Wall Street panic of 1907. He tells of a financial disaster brought on deliberately by powerful capitalists intent upon the ruin of their rivals – fundamentally evil people who live to out-maneuver one another. We are a nation, said Sinclair, fundamentally corrupt – our government, our banks, our industries all seek personal ruin for its own sake…Sinclair tells an engaging tale; if you don’t know his work, you’d do well to take in and understand his paranoid vision…

275 pages, with a reading time of ~4.25 hours (68,750 words), and first published in 1908. This DRM-Free edition published by epubBooks, .

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“Who told you about her?” asked Allan Montague.

“Ollie’s been telling everybody about her,” said Reggie. “It sounds really wonderful. But I fear he must have exaggerated.”