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Betty Gordon

by Alice B. Emerson

Series Description

The Betty Gordon books were an early Stratemeyer Syndicate series, published under the pseudonym Alice B. Emerson. Edward Stratemeyer created the series and wrote plot outlines, but the books themselves were written by a number of ghostwriters.

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    1. Betty Gordon at Bramble Farm (1920)

    Betty Gordon is an orphan who becomes the ward of Richard Gordon, her uncle. Since Uncle Dick has to travel on business, he sends Betty to Bramble Farm... read more »

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    2. Betty Gordon in Washington (1920)

    In this volume Betty goes to the National Capitol to find her uncle and has several unusual adventures. Let me go with you, Betty?" coaxed Bobby... read more »

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    3. Betty Gordon in the Land of Oil (1920)

    Betty Gordon leaves for Oklahoma to see her Uncle Dick with Bob Henderson, who hopes to find his aunts, the Saunders sisters. While they journey on the... read more »

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    4. Betty Gordon at Boarding School (1921)

    The girl, who was watching a wiry little bay horse contentedly crop grass that grew in straggling whisps about the fence posts, looked up and showed an... read more »

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    5. Betty Gordon at Mountain Camp (1922)

    Betty Gordon enjoys a Christmas vacation with the Littell family in Washington. One day, while out shopping, Betty meets an unhappy girl named Ida... read more »