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by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Series Description

A series of three books by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Billy Byrne is a low class American born in Chicago’s ghetto and grows up a thief and a mugger. “Billy was a mucker, a hoodlum, a gangster, a thug, a tough”, he is not chivalrous nor kind, and has only meagre ethics - never giving evidence against a friend or leaving someone behind. He chooses a life of robbery and violence, disrespecting those who work for a living and has a deep hatred for wealthy society.

All ebooks from this series are available

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    1. The Mucker (1914)

    The adventures of Billy Byrne, thug and gunman, in the underworld of Chicago and San Francisco, and on his mysterious cruise to the unexplored islands... read more »

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    2. The Return of the Mucker (1916)

    The remarkable story of Billy Byrne, the vicious, hardened Chicago thug and ruffian who, answering to the magical touch of a great love, gradually... read more »

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    3. The Oakdale Affair (1917)

    A robbery, marriage, and disappearance of a young girl have struck the town of Oakdale, but are things as they really seem? The beautiful young daughter... read more »