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P. C. Wren 1875—1941

P. C. Wren

Percival Christopher Wren was an English writer, mostly of adventure fiction. He is remembered best for Beau Geste, a much-filmed book of 1924, involving the French Foreign Legion in North Africa. This was one of 33 novels and short story collections that he wrote, mostly dealing with colonial soldiering in Africa.

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Beau Geste (1924)

One stolen sapphire and one, two, three thieves! Beau, Digby and John Geste were present when Lady Brandon showed her dinner guests the "Blue Water... read more »


Beau Sabreur (1926)

Major de Beaujolais, courageous and gallant, is detailed for a dangerous secret missing among hostile Arabs. With two white women, snatched from the... read more »


Cupid in Africa (1920)

Bertram Greene, brilliant student, aesthete, intellectual and shy, decides to make his military father proud of him at last and joins the colonial... read more »


Driftwood Spars (1916)

"Peace, fool Art blind as Ibrahim Mahmud the Weeper," growled that burly Native Officer as the zealous and overanxious young sentry cried out and... read more »


Snake and Sword (1914)

Wren's telling of the story of Damocles de Warrenne, and his life before, during, and after serving in the Second Regiment of Heavy Calvalry, known as... read more »


Stepsons of France (1917)

A vivid picture of life in the French Foreign Legion. The sayings, the doings and adventures of those reckless soldiers make it not only a romance but a... read more »


The Wages of Virtue (1916)

Sir Montague Merline and his platoon get into a bloody combat in Africa and they are all massacred except for one man. Since her husband is presumed... read more »