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Thomas Hughes 1822—1896

Thomas Hughes

Thomas Hughes was an English lawyer, judge and author. He is most famous for his novel Tom Brown’s School Days, a semi-autobiographical work set at Rugby School, which Hughes had attended. It had a lesser-known sequel, Tom Brown at Oxford. Hughes had numerous other interests, in particular as a Member of Parliament, in the British co-operative movement, and in a settlement in Tennessee reflecting his values.

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Tom Brown at Oxford (1861)

The follow-up to the much-beloved Tom Brown's Schooldays, Thomas Hughes' novel follows the rowdy but good-hearted protagonist as he leaves his... read more »


Tom Brown at Rugby (1857)

Tom's second year starts at a private school, but due to an epidemic of fever in the area, all the school's boys are sent home, and Tom is transferred... read more »


Tom Brown's School Days (1857)

Like modern young adults, Tom and the other boys at Rugby suffer pangs of separation from family, stand up against peer bullies, ponder the ambiguities... read more »