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A Modern Comedy

by John Galsworthy

Series Description

Galsworthy’s own sequel to The Forsyte Saga came in A Modern Comedy, comprising of three novels and two interludes. The White Monkey: Fleur marries Michael Mont and plays the role of society wife though is ultimately dissatisfied and unfulfilled and her attempts to find happiness lead to trouble. The Silver Spoon follows the battle between Fleur and socialite Marjorie Ferrar. Swan Song: Fleur and Jon meet again after seven years apart and their passion is reignited. Meanwhile, disaster strikes as Soames tries to save his beloved paintings from a fire.

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    1. The White Monkey (1924)

    Following her marriage to Michael Mont, Fleur Forsyte throws herself into the Roaring 20s with the rest of London and takes life as it comes. But her... read more »

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    2. The Silver Spoon (1926)

    Fleur and Michael Mont entertain the glittering society characters of the day in their new, elegant, and fashionable house. As always, Fleur’s... read more »

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    3. Swan Song (1928)

    After years living in America with his mother, Jon Forsyte is excited to be home and eager to show off his roots to his new bride. When Fleur Forsyte... read more »