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John Galsworthy 1867—1933

John Galsworthy was an English novelist and playwright. Notable works include The Forsyte Saga and its sequels, A Modern Comedy and End of the Chapter. Through his writings he campaigned for a variety of causes, including prison reform, women’s rights, animal welfare, and the opposition of censorship. He won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1932.

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Flowering Wilderness (1932)

Dinny Cherrell has been proposed to numerous times. But no one has ever come close to touching her independent spirit. That is, until she encounters... read more »


In Chancery (1920)

Separated from his wife Irene for some years now, Soames Forsyte has resigned himself to the fact that she's never coming back. But as he grows older... read more »


Maid in Waiting (1931)

This sweeping family saga now moves to the lives and loves of the Cherrells in the early 30s, cousins by marriage to the Forsytes. An old English... read more »


Over the River (1933)

The institution of marriage, that gives to a man all the rights over a woman, is a theme once again visited by Galsworthy. Clare Charwell has just fled... read more »


On Forsyte 'Change (1930)

On Forsyte 'Change deals in the main with the older Forsytes before the events chronicled in The Man of Property. Galsworthy states in a Foreword that... read more »


Swan Song (1928)

After years living in America with his mother, Jon Forsyte is excited to be home and eager to show off his roots to his new bride. When Fleur Forsyte... read more »


The Man Of Property (1906)

The most prized item in Soames Forsyte's collection of beautiful things is his wife, the enigmatic Irene. But when she falls in love with Bosinney, a... read more »


The Silver Spoon (1926)

Fleur and Michael Mont entertain the glittering society characters of the day in their new, elegant, and fashionable house. As always, Fleur’s... read more »


The White Monkey (1924)

Following her marriage to Michael Mont, Fleur Forsyte throws herself into the Roaring 20s with the rest of London and takes life as it comes. But her... read more »


To Let (1921)

To Let, the final volume of the Forsyte Trilogy, chronicles the continuing feuds of the two factions within the troubled Forsyte family. The shadow of... read more »