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Joseph Rouletabille

by Gaston Leroux

Series Description

Joseph Rouletabille is a fictional character created by Gaston Leroux, a French writer and journalist. Rouletabille is the nickname of 18-year-old journalist Joseph Josephin, who was raised in a religious orphanage in Eu, a small town near Fécamp.

Unfortunately only two English translations are currently in the Public Domain.

2 ebooks from 7 titles available

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    1. The Mystery of the Yellow Room (1907)

    Even if Hercule Poirot had been born a Frenchman, not a Belgian, he would have to take second place in detection to Joseph Rouletabille, the brilliant... read more »

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    3. The Secret of the Night (1913)

    The surviving Nihilists have condemned the Russian General Trebassof to death for the crimes he and his troops committed against the revolution. Three... read more »