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Parade's End

by Ford Madox Ford

Series Description

Parade’s End is a tetralogy (four related novels) by the English novelist and poet Ford Madox Ford published between 1924 and 1928. It’s set mainly in England and on the Western Front in World War I, where Ford served as an officer in the Welsh Regiment, a life vividly depicted in the novels.

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    1. Some Do Not... (1924)

    With his acclaimed masterpiece Parade's End, Ford Madox Ford set himself a work of immense scale and ambition: "I wanted the Novelist in fact to appear... read more »

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    2. No More Parades (1925)

    No More Parades is the second novel in Ford Madox Ford's series of four novels depicting the meeting, courtship, and ultimate fulfillment of two modern... read more »

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    3. A Man Could Stand Up (1926)

    The third volume of Ford Madox Ford's highly-regarded tetralogy Parade's End, chronicles the life of Christopher Tietjens, "the last Tory", a brilliant... read more »

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    4. Last Post (1928)

    Last Post, the fourth and final volume of Parade's End, is set on a single post-war summer's day. Valentine Wannop and Christopher Tietjens share a... read more »