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The Sword of Conan

by Robert E. Howard

Series Description

Skirting the ever-growing threat of Turan, Conan traverses the Hyborian kingdoms to end up in Argos where he joins a band of mercenaries before heading to Stygia. From here he drifs westward to have an adventure in The Vale Of Lost Women. By the end of The Pool Of The Black One Conan is a Zingaran freebooter. As he heads eastward, he meets up with Valeria, and as mercenaries they help guard the southern frontier of Stygia. Red Nails ends with Conan and Valeria heading west before Conan heads East pursuing a tale of legendary lost treasure in the Jewels of Gwahlur.

3 ebooks from 5 titles available

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    3. The Pool Of The Black One (1933)

    The Pool of the Black One is one of the original short stories starring the sword and sorcery hero Conan the Cimmerian, written by American author... read more »

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    4. Red Nails (1936)

    Can't get enough of Conan the Barbarian? Fans rank the tale Red Nails as one of the best stories in the series that ultimately inspired Arnold... read more »

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    5. Jewels of Gwahlur (1935)

    The Teeth of Gwahlur are legendary jewels, kept in an abandoned city in the country of Keshan. Conan, following legends of this treasure, has travelled... read more »