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Forsyte Saga

by John Galsworthy

Series Description

The Forsyte Saga, is a series of three novels and two interludes published by Nobel Prize-winning English author John Galsworthy. They chronicle the vicissitudes of the leading members of a large commercial upper middle-class English family, similar to Galsworthy’s own. Only a few generations removed from their farmer ancestors, the family members are keenly aware of their status as ‘new money’. The main character, Soames Forsyte, sees himself as a ‘man of property’ by virtue of his ability to accumulate material possessions—but this does not succeed in bringing him pleasure.

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    1. The Man Of Property (1906)

    The most prized item in Soames Forsyte's collection of beautiful things is his wife, the enigmatic Irene. But when she falls in love with Bosinney, a... read more »

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    2. In Chancery (1920)

    Separated from his wife Irene for some years now, Soames Forsyte has resigned himself to the fact that she's never coming back. But as he grows older... read more »

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    3. To Let (1921)

    To Let, the final volume of the Forsyte Trilogy, chronicles the continuing feuds of the two factions within the troubled Forsyte family. The shadow of... read more »