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Under the Tonto Rim Zane Grey

Lucy Watson, a young schoolteacher, is appointed welfare instructor in a community of isolated backwoods folk. She quickly overcomes their fears, and ach...view book »


Armour Wherein He Trusted Mary Webb

Webb’s unfinished novel, published posthumously, together with ten short stories, this is a medieval romance. It is the story of Sir Gilbert and his love...view book »


Trouble is My Business Raymond Chandler

Trouble is My Business is a collection of four riveting novellas from Raymond Chandler. In the first of the four cases LA PI Philip Marlowe is offered a ...view book »


Marivosa Emma Orczy

Timothy O’Clerigh is cheated out of his inheritance by an unscrupulous woman. His efforts to ragain his lost fortune leads him to the South American cont...view book »


Trail Dust Clarence E. Mulford

Red Connors uncrossed his legs, picked his hat from the floor, and arose. He was grinning reminiscently, as well he might: to Red, any episode concerning...view book »


The Gracie Allen Murder Case S. S. Van Dine

The zany plot follows nitwit Gracie Allen trying to help master sleuth Philo Vance solve a murder. Allen’s uncle fixes her up with Bill at a company picn...view book »

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    Zane Grey

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  5. The Metamorphosis
    Franz Kafka

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  1. Gulliver's Travels
    Jonathan Swift

  2. Ulysses
    James Joyce

  3. The Horse and his Boy
    C. S. Lewis

  4. Emma
    Jane Austen

  5. Fire in the Steppe
    Henryk Sienkiewicz

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George Eliot

Often called the greatest nineteenth-century British novelist, George Eliot (the pen name of Mary Ann Evans) created in Middlemarch a vast panorama of life in a provincial Midlands town. At the story’s center stands the intellectual and idealistic Dorothea Brooke—a character who in many ways resembles Eliot herself. But the very qualities that set Dorothea apart from the materialistic, mean-spirited society around her also lead her into a disa…Read More »

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