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Ethel Lina White 1876—1944

Ethel Lina White

Ethel Lina White was a British crime writer, best known for her novel The Wheel Spins, on which the Alfred Hitchcock film, The Lady Vanishes, was based. She left employment in a government job working for the Ministry of Pensions in order to pursue writing, which was to make her one of the best known crime writers in Britain and the USA during the 1930s and ‘40s.

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Cheese (1941)

White's short fiction was also hugely popular, and Cheese ranks amongst her best tales. There's been a murder, we know this from the start, but here we... read more »


Fear Stalks the Village (1932)

It was a model English village, filled with flowers, Tudor cottages, and cobbled streets. Joan Brook loved working there as a companion to Lady d'Arcy... read more »


She Faded into Air (1941)

A millionaire family is intimidated by first abduction and death, and when their daughter is taken, at the same place, in the mysterious way, they are... read more »


Step in the Dark (1938)

She Had Everything To Fear. Suddenly beautiful Georgia Yeo realized that she was not the guest of her fiance, Count Gustav, on his lonely Swedish island... read more »


The Spiral Staircase (1933)

As Professor Sebastian Warren battens down the shutters and locks all the doors of their isolated country house, the eight occupants start to feel safe... read more »


The Wheel Spins (1936)

Iris Carr is a beautiful, young socialite on her way back home to England after vacationing in Europe. Feeling terribly alone and afraid, she finds... read more »


Wax (1935)

The residents of the British town of Riverpool are disturbed by a series of murders in the local waxworks museum. As tensions mount, local journalist... read more »