Max Beerbohm 1872—1956

Max Beerbohm


Sir Henry Maximilian “Max” Beerbohm was an English essayist, parodist and caricaturist. His best known works today include A Christmas Garland, a parody of literary styles, Seven Men, which includes “Enoch Soames”, the tale of a poet who makes a deal with the Devil to find out how posterity will remember him, and Zuleika Dobson, his only novel.

Available eBooks

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    A Christmas Garland (1912)

    17 parodies with a Christmas theme of some of the most renowned authors of the period - including Kipling, Henry James, Thomas Hardy, H.G. Wells and more »

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    And Even Now (1920)

    Max Beerbohm was a British caricaturist and parodist. As a young man he was considered quite the wit and spent much time in London society. By 35 he more »

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    Mainly on the Air (1946)

    Collected radio talks by the celebrated English essayist and humorist Sir Max Beerbohm. Beerbohm returned to England from his home in Rapallo in Italy more »

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    Zuleika Dobson (1911)

    Max Beerbohm’s sparklingly wicked satire concerns the unlikely events that occur when a femme fatale briefly enters the supremely privileged, all-male more »