by Edith Nesbit

Series Description

A series of books told from the perspective of Oswald Bastable, whose style owes greatly to that of Julius Caesar. Oswald. through a cunning use of the third person, is able to establish his marked superiority over others. He is a delightful narrator and the stories he tells are among Nesbit’s best. As is usual with Nesbit, she takes a family of children and involves them in many adventures, with them having to deal with scrapes the children get into while searching for treasure in familiar surroundings, and coping as sensibly as possible with the contrary world of grown-ups.

All ebooks from this series are available

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    1. The Story of the Treasure Seekers (1899)

    This is the story of the different ways we looked for treasure, and I think when you have read it you will see that we were not lazy about the looking. more »

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    2. The Wouldbegoods (1901)

    Sent away to the country after a particularly unruly episode, the well-meaning but wayward Bastable children solemnly vow to reform their behavior. But more »

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    3. New Treasure Seekers (1904)

    As if the remarkable collections of children’s adventures The Story of the Treasure Seekers and The Wouldbegoods weren’t enough! Nesbit’s third book of more »