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Richard Hannay

by John Buchan

Series Description

Major-General Sir Richard Hannay, KCB, OBE, DSO, Legion of Honour, is a fictional character created by Scottish novelist John Buchan. In his autobiography, Memory Hold-the-Door, Buchan suggests that the character is based, in part, on Edmund Ironside, from Edinburgh, a spy during the Second Boer War. (source: Wikipedia)

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    1. The Thirty-Nine Steps (1915)

    Famous as the basis for several films, including the brilliant 1935 version directed by Alfred Hitchcock, The Thirty-Nine Steps is a classic of early... read more »

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    2. Greenmantle (1916)

    Greenmantle is a tale of intrigue and adventure set during the First World War. It features Richard Hannay, hero of the author's earlier novel The... read more »

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    3. Mr. Standfast (1919)

    When Richard Hannay, the hero of The Thirty-nine Steps, is recalled by the Head of British Intelligence from the Western Front at a critical moment in... read more »

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    4. The Three Hostages (1924)

    England is at peace after the end of World War I. Spy-catcher, Richard Hannay, is enjoying the country life at Fosse Manor. However, Hannay's peace is... read more »

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    5. The Island of Sheep (1936)

    In this, his final adventure, Buchan's hero Richard Hannay becomes embroiled in one of the most hazardous escapades of his life. Two men are honour... read more »