John Buchan 1875—1940

John Buchan


John Buchan, 1st Baron Tweedsmuir, was a British novelist and Unionist politician who, between 1935 and 1940, served as the Governor General of Canada. He was born and primarily educated in Scotland, and further schooled in England, obtaining a degree in Literae Humaniores, and befriending a number of influential future writers while studying at the University of Oxford. After a brief career in law, Buchan began writing and his political and diplomatic career, serving as a private secretary to the colonial administrator of various colonies in South Africa, and eventually wrote propaganda for the British war effort following the outbreak of the First World War. Once back in civilian life, Buchan was elected the Member of Parliament for the Combined Scottish Universities, but spent most of his time on his writing career. He is the author of The Thirty-Nine Steps and other adventure fiction. – Wikipedia

Available eBooks

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    Greenmantle (1916)

    Greenmantle is a tale of intrigue and adventure set during the First World War. It features Richard Hannay, hero of the author’s earlier novel The more »

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    Huntingtower (1922)

    Dickson McCunn, a respectable, newly retired grocer of romantic heart, plans a modest walking holiday in the hills of south-west Scotland. He meets a more »

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    John Burnet of Barns (1898)

    In this epic tale of a family torn asunder by a long-lasting feud, renowned action-adventure author John Buchan spins an engrossing account of two more »

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    Mr. Standfast (1919)

    When Richard Hannay, the hero of The Thirty-nine Steps, is recalled by the Head of British Intelligence from the Western Front at a critical moment in more »

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    Prester John (1910)

    Nineteen-year-old David Crawfurd travels from Scotland to South Africa to seek his fortune as a store-keeper. On the voyage he encounters John Laputa, more »

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    Salute to Adventurers (1915)

    Andrew Garvald is a young Scottish merchant who has bravely come to make his fortune in a newly colonised America. Outlawed from Virginian society for more »

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    The Half-Hearted (1900)

    Many of the aristocrats profiled in John Buchan’s novel The Half-Hearted are beset with crippling doubts about their own lifestyles and characters. more »

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    The Island of Sheep (1936)

    In this, his final adventure, Buchan’s hero Richard Hannay becomes embroiled in one of the most hazardous escapades of his life. Two men are honour more »

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    The Moon Endureth (1912)

    Dealing mainly with the mysterious and the inexplicable, these stories lead the reader through the weird, uncharted borderland swayed by the psychic more »

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    The Path of the King (1921)

    Best known for penning the spy thriller The Thirty-Nine Steps, author and politician John Buchan produced dozens of fiction and non-fiction works over more »

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    The Thirty-Nine Steps (1915)

    Famous as the basis for several films, including the brilliant 1935 version directed by Alfred Hitchcock, The Thirty-Nine Steps is a classic of early more »

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    The Three Hostages (1924)

    England is at peace after the end of World War I. Spy-catcher, Richard Hannay, is enjoying the country life at Fosse Manor. However, Hannay’s peace is more »