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Doctor Dolittle

by Hugh Lofting

Series Description

Doctor John Dolittle is the central character of a series of children’s books by Hugh Lofting starting with the The Story of Doctor Dolittle. He is a doctor who shuns human patients in favour of animals, with whom he can speak in their own languages. He later becomes a naturalist, using his abilities to speak with animals to better understand nature and the history of the world. Doctor Dolittle first saw light in the author’s illustrated letters to children, written from the trenches during World War I when actual news, he later said, was either too horrible or too dull.

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    1. The Story of Doctor Dolittle (1920)

    No one loves and understands animals like the eccentric nineteenth-century physician Dr. Dolittle—who masters animal language with the help of... read more »

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    2. The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle (1922)

    Doctor John Dolittle, the veterinarian who can actually talk to animals, sets sail on the high seas for new adventures! Accompanied by his young friend... read more »

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    3. Doctor Dolittle's Post Office (1923)

    When he discovers that animals from all over the world want to communicate with each other, Dr Dolittle has the wonderful idea of setting up the Swallow... read more »

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    4. Doctor Dolittle's Circus (1924)

    The doctor needs money to pay off a voyage to Africa, so he joins the circus with the pushmi-pullyu as his attraction. He enlightens a circus owner who... read more »

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    7. Doctor Dolittle's Garden (1927)

    Doctor Dolittle's Garden is structurally the most disorganised of Hugh Lofting's Doctor Dolittle books. The first part would fit very well into Doctor... read more »

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    8. Doctor Dolittle in the Moon (1928)

    Dr. Dolittle has landed on the Moon! He meets Otho Bludge the Moon Man, a Stone Age artist who was the only human on the Moon when it broke away from... read more »

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    9. Doctor Dolittle's Return (1933)

    Doctor Dolittle's Return is lighter and more comic than other Dolittle books. Tommy Stubbins waits for Doctor Dolittle's return from the Moon. When the... read more »

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    11. Doctor Dolittle and the Green Canary (1950)

    The charming story of Pippinella, the green canary, as told by Pip herself to the Doctor. Although much of the material had been printed originally in... read more »