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The Fifth Queen

by Ford Madox Ford

Series Description

A series of connected historical novels consisting of three novels: And How She Came to Court, Privy Seal and The Fifth Queen Crowned, which present a highly fictionalised account of Katharine Howard’s arrival at the Court of Henry VIII, her eventual marriage to the king, and her death.

History, that great fictitioner, surely did not create the honest, stubborn, beautiful, and saintly Katharine Howard, so richly realized she might have had some other life outside imagination, yet so near perfection we could not wish for her a lesser world to drag a dress in.” – William Gass (1986)

All ebooks from this series are available

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    1. And How She Came to Court (1906)

    Kat Howard--intelligent, beautiful, naively outspoken, and passionately idealistic--catches the eye of Henry VIII and improbably becomes his fifth wife... read more »

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    2. Privy Seal (1907)

    The tumultuous relationship between Katharine Howard and England's King Henry VIII was inextricably entwined with the rise to power and eventual fall of... read more »

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    3. The Fifth Queen Crowned (1908)

    This masterful performance of historical fiction centers on Katharine Howard--clever, beautiful, and outspoken--who catches the jaded eye of Henry VIII... read more »