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The Moon Men Edgar Rice Burroughs

Through the treason of a handful of men, contact between Earth & the Moon had become a nightmare. The world became the tool of the Lunarians, whose p...view book »


Casanova: Part 25 - Russia And Poland Giacomo Casanova

In this episode, Casanova further shares his travel experiences of Russia and Poland. After leaving Riga, Cassanova goes for adventures in St. Petersburg...view book »


The Drift Fence Zane Grey

When the first drift fence is built across a free cattle range, anger overflows. Jim Traft, the tenderfoot in charge of building the fence, finds himself...view book »


Sir Patient Fancy Aphra Behn

Sir Patient Fancy, a hypochondriacal old alderman, has taken a second wife, Lucia, a young and beautiful woman who, although feigning great affection and...view book »


Homeland Cory Doctorow

In Doctorow’s wildly successful Little Brother, young Marcus Yallow was arbitrarily detained and brutalized by the government in the wake of a terrorist ...view book »


The Outlaws of Mars Otis Adelbert Kline

Jerry Morgan, fed up with Earthly frustrations, found plenty to occupy him when he swapped bodies with a hot-headed Martian from that red planet’s era of...view book »

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    George Orwell

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    Sheridan Le Fanu

  5. Galactic Patrol
    E. E. "Doc" Smith

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  1. Politics and the English Language
    George Orwell

  2. The Great Gatsby
    F. Scott Fitzgerald

  3. Paradise Lost
    John Milton

  4. The Once and Future King
    T. H. White

  5. Casanova: Part 25 - Russia And Poland
    Giacomo Casanova

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The Lion and the Unicorn

Richard Harding Davis

Prentiss had a long lease on the house, and because it stood in Jermyn Street the upper floors were, as a matter of course, turned into lodgings for single gentlemen; and because Prentiss was a Florist to the Queen, he placed a lion and unicorn over his flowershop, just in front of the middle window on the first floor. By stretching a little, each of them could see into the window just beyond him, and could hear all that was said inside; and s…Read More »

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