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by H. Rider Haggard

Series Description

Ayesha, an ageless and immortal sorceress, who is still beautiful even after more than two millennia, since immersing herself in a magical flame, and claims that the leader of an expedition to East Africa is the reincarnation of her long-dead beloved. Ayesha has been cited as a prototype by psychoanalysts as different as Sigmund Freud (in The Interpretation of Dreams) and Carl Jung.

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    1. She (1887)

    Ayesha is She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed, a 2,000-year-old queen who rules a fabled lost city deep in a maze of African caverns. She has the occult wisdom of... read more »

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    2. Ayesha (1905)

    In this heart-stopping sequel to the classic novel "She," Allan Quatermain discovers a lost kingdom in the heart of Africa, ruled by the mysterious... read more »

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    3. She and Allan (1921)

    Allan Quartermain -- our hero -- and Ayesha (that is, She Who Must Be Obeyed) share the limelight in this great adventure, but oddly enough considering... read more »

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    4. Wisdom's Daughter (1923)

    In the fourth and final book in the She sequence, the beautiful and immortal Ayesha tells her tale of power, wisdom, love, and deception, in her own... read more »