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Tales of My Landlord

by Walter Scott

Series Description

Tales of my Landlord is a series of novels by Sir Walter Scott that form a subset of the so-called Waverley Novels, and were supposed to reflect aspects of Scottish regional life. They were so called, because they were supposed to be tales collected from the (fictional) landlord of the Wallace Inn at Gandercleugh, compiled by a “Peter Pattieson”, and edited and sent to the publisher by Jedediah Cleishbotham. This is gone into in great depth in the introduction to The Black Dwarf.

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    1. The Black Dwarf (1816)

    The Black Dwarf, is set in the Liddesdale hills, an area which Scott knew intimately from the time he had spent hunting ballads for his Minstrelsy of... read more »

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    2. Old Mortality (1816)

    Set in 1679 during the Scottish populist rebellion known as the Covenanter uprising, The Tale of Old Mortality is one of the outstanding historical... read more »

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    3. The Heart of Midlothian (1818)

    This novel, regarded as one of Scott's finest, opens with the Edinburgh riots of 1736. The people have been infuriated by the actions of John Porteous... read more »

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    4. The Bride of Lammermoor (1819)

    Dark prophecies and ominously symbolic events beset the romance of Edgar, Master of Ravenswood, and Lucy Ashton, daughter of the man who has displaced... read more »

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    6. Count Robert of Paris (1832)

    Sir Walter Scott was a master of diverse talents. He was a man of letters, a dedicated historian and historiographer, a well-read translator of foreign... read more »