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The Herries Chronicle

by Hugh Walpole

Series Description

Comprised of six historical novels featuring narratives of violence and romance, set in the Lake District in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, following the story of Rogue Herries. The larger than life Francis Herries uproots his family from Yorkshire and brings them to live in Borrowdale, where their life is as dramatic as the landscape surrounding them.

4 ebooks from 6 titles available

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    1. Rogue Herries (1930)

    Described on its first publication by John Buchan as the finest English novel since Jude the Obscure, Rogue Herries tells the story of the larger than... read more »

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    2. Judith Paris (1931)

    Set partly in Revolutionary Paris, and partly in romantic Cumbria, Judith Paris is the story of the two very different men who love Walpole's most... read more »

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    3. The Fortress (1932)

    It had been the wish of her whole life to flee from all the Herries, but Walter Herries had challenged her, and she had taken up the challenge'. Judith... read more »

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    5. The Bright Pavilions (1940)

    This fifth novel in the Herries Chronicle, set against the background of the turmoil and politics of Elizabethan England, tells the tale of one family's... read more »