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Ware Tetralogy

by Rudy Rucker

Series Description

A series of four science fiction novels by author Rudy Rucker. The first two books both received the Philip K. Dick Award for best novel. The closest to the cyberpunk genre of all his works, the tetralogy explores themes such as rapid technological change, generational differences, consciousness, mortality and recreational drug use. In 2010 the online version of was released for free distribution under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-No-Derivative License. (source: Wikipedia)

All ebooks from this series are available

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    1. Software (1982)

    Cobb Anderson created the 'boppers,' sentient robots that overthrew their human overlords. But now Cobb is just an aging alcoholic waiting to die, and... read more »

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    2. Wetware (1988)

    In 2030, bopper robots in their lunar refuge have founds a way to infuse DNA wetware with their own software code. The result is a new lifeform: the... read more »

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    3. Freeware (1997)

    Now, in 2053, 'moldies' are the latest robotic advancement--evolved artificial lifeforms made of soft plastic and gene-tweaked molds and algae, so... read more »

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    4. Realware (2000)

    It's 2054, and Phil Gottner doesn't know where his life is. His girlfriend is hooked on merge, a drug used in 'bacteria-style' sex. His father has just... read more »