Amy Ella Blanchard 1856—1926

Amy Ella Blanchard


Amy Ella Blanchard, born in Baltimore, was a writer of children’s literature. Blanchard studied art in New York and Philadelphia and for two years taught drawing and painting in Plainfield, N.J. One of her most recognised novels is Little Maid Marian. (source: Wikipedia)

Available eBooks

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    A Dear Little Girl (1909)

    This is a pretty, wholesome child’s story, one of the sort that commends itself to children’s sympathies and will be conned again and again. No mother more »

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    A Sweet Little Maid (1899)

    “I will be the white maiden to be captured,” said Dimple, as Bubbles coolly proceeded to take off her frock, displaying a red flannel petticoat.”I’ll more »

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    Little Maid Marian (1908)

    Maid Marian, an orphaned heiress, struggles against scheming, duplicitous relatives for the right to her own lands. A medieval romance featuring Robin more »

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    Three Little Cousins (1907)

    Already the train was slowing up and in a few moments Molly was standing tiptoe, looking eagerly along the line of cars. Then she watched each person more »