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Ruth Fielding

by Alice B. Emerson

Series Description

Ruth Fielding is a series of children’s novels written under the pseudonym of Alice B. Emerson. The series follows the life of Ruth Fielding from the time that she becomes an orphan, through her schooling and her first success as a moving picture writer, and finally to her success as the owner of her own company. It is considered an important series because it influenced several other major series that came later, including Nancy Drew, the Dana Girls, and _Beverly Gray. Ruth Fielding is a strong-willed young woman, just like Nancy Drew, and she is also a career woman like Beverly Gray.

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    1. Ruth Fielding of the Red Mill (1913)

    Ruth Fielding, a recently-orphaned girl, arrives in Cheslow, New York to live with her uncle, Jabez Potter, at the Red Mill with his housekeeper, Aunt... read more »

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    2. Ruth Fielding at Briarwood Hall (1913)

    Ruth's greatest desire has come true—to attend Briarwood Hall with Helen Cameron. As soon as the girls arrive, they are accosted by Mary Cox, known as... read more »

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    13. Ruth Fielding In the Red Cross (1918)

    Now that the Great War has begun, Ruth and Helen take time off from their sophomore year at Ardmore College in order to devote their time to the Red... read more »

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    14. Ruth Fielding at the War Front (1918)

    Ruth continues her work for the Red Cross and is soon transferred to a hospital that is on the war front. Ruth faces the very real danger of possible... read more »

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    15. Ruth Fielding Homeward Bound (1919)

    A bomb strikes the French hospital in which Ruth is working, and Ruth's shoulder is seriously injured. Ruth is forced to end her work with the Red Cross... read more »