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School Stories

by P. G. Wodehouse

Series Description

Wodehouse published six novels with all the action set in public schools for boys, which include; St. Austin’s, Beckford College and Wrykyn. The school story is a fiction genre centering on older pre-adolescent and adolescent school life, at its most popular in the first half of the twentieth century.

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    1. The Pothunters (1902)

    When someone breaks into the cricket pavilion and steals two silver cups, the whole school is agog. Could it possibly be an inside job? Nothing less... read more »

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    2. A Prefect's Uncle (1903)

    One of Wodehouse's early novels set in an English public school, a school story that revolves around cricket, stolen money, and an embarrassing uncle... read more »

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    3. Tales of St. Austin's (1903)

    St Austin’s School is the setting for these twelve delightful early Wodehouse stories. A nostalgic look at English public-school life at the turn of... read more »

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    4. The Gold Bat (1904)

    When O'Hara and Moriarty, two boys at Wrykyn School, tar and feather the statue of a pompous local MP, O'Hara mislays at the scene of their crime a tiny... read more »

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    5. The Head of Kay's (1905)

    It is the general view at Eckleton school that there never was such a house of slackers as Kay's. Fenn, head of house and county cricketer, does his... read more »

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    6. The White Feather (1907)

    In order to save his reputation and the honour of his house at school after he shames himself by running away from a fight between fellow pupils and... read more »

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    7. Mike (1909)

    Michael "Mike" Jackson is the youngest son of a renowned cricketing family. Mike's eldest brother Joe is a successful first-class player, while another... read more »