by E. E. "Doc" Smith

Series Description

The Lensman series is a serial science fiction Space Opera by Edward Elmer “Doc” Smith. Set two billion years before the present time, the universe has few life-forms aside from the ancient Arisians, and few planets besides their native world. The peaceful Arisians have foregone physical skills in order to develop contemplative mental power. The underlying assumption for this series, based on theories of stellar evolution extant at the time of the books’ writing, is that planets form only rarely. (source: Wikipedia)

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    1. Triplanetary (1937)

    From the atomic age in Atlantis to the far-flung future, here is a story of interstellar war with Earth as the prize for the victor. The elder race of o...read more »

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    2. First Lensman (1950)

    In the not too distance future, while fleets of commercial space ships travel between the planets of numerous solar systems, a traveler named Virgil Sam...read more »

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    3. Galactic Patrol (1937)

    The Lensmen are the most feared peacekeepers in the Galaxy. The ‘Lens,’ a telepathic jewel matched to the ego of its wearer, is the ultimate weapon in t...read more »

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    4. Gray Lensman (1940)

    Lensman Kimball Kinnison has attained the goal which every Lensman seeks, and so few attain, that of Unattached Lensman, a Lensman who is accountable to...read more »

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    5. Second Stage Lensmen (1941)

    Kim Kinnison, Number One man of his time, had faced challenges before - but rarely one as daunting as this. To him fell the perilous task of infiltratin...read more »

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    6. Children Of The Lens (1947)

    It was beginning to look as if no one could prevent the destruction of the Universe. For a strange intelligence was directing the destruction of all civ...read more »