A. E. W. Mason 1865—1948

A. E. W. Mason


Alfred Edward Woodley Mason was a British author and politician. He authored more than 20 books, including At The Villa Rose, a mystery novel in which he introduced his French detective, Inspector Hanaud. His best-known book is The Four Feathers, which many consider to be his masterpiece, and which has been made into a number of films. Other works include The House of the Arrow, No Other Tiger, The Prisoner in the Opal and Fire Over England. He also contributed a short story, The Conjurer, to The Queen’s Book of the Red Cross. (source: Wikipedia)

Available eBooks

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    At the Villa Rose (1910)

    In this thriller by A.E.W. Mason, Inspector Hanaud goes to the Villa Rose, where a wealthy widow has been cruelly murdered for her jewels. At the Villa ...read more »

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    Clementina (1901)

    A fictionalized story of the rescue of Maria Clementina Sobieska from imprisonment so that she could wed James Francis Edward Stuart, also known as Prin...read more »

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    The Broken Road (1907)

    The Broken Road, one of two books by the author set in British India. It is an exciting adventure story involving the Indian Army, Rajas and secret agen...read more »

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    The Four Feathers (1902)

    English officer and gentleman Harry Feversham has wealth, social position, a beautiful fiancée, Ethne Eustace, and a brotherly bond with three close fri...read more »

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    The Ginger King (1940)

    Hanaud at his best he sets out to solve one of the cleverest cases in his typical diligent fashion. A mystery drawing heavily on Mason’s knowledge of an...read more »

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    The House of the Arrow (1924)

    The House of the Arrow is a detective novel that has inspired movies in French in English, featuring the fictional French detective Inspector Hanaud. Wh...read more »

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    The Prisoner in the Opal (1928)

    The scene is the south of France. An English lady has been murdered and a beautiful American girl has disappeared. Discovered is a body with a severed h...read more »

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    The Summons (1920)

    Captain Harry Luttrell is a soldier who is not happy where he’s currently stationed – in England, where he’s grown fat with boredom and fears that he wi...read more »

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    The Watchers (1899)

    The Watchers is a novel by A. E. W. Mason (author of At the Villa Rose, The Prisoner in the Opal, etc.), first published in 1899 by the Frederick A. Sto...read more »

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    They Wouldn't Be Chessmen (1934)

    Inspector Hanaud, Mason’s cunning French detective, investigates a plot to steal a priceless pearl necklace belonging to the Rajah of Chitipur. A young ...read more »