Clarence E. Mulford 1883—1956

Clarence E. Mulford


Clarence E. Mulford was the author of Hopalong Cassidy, with his other stories and 28 novels followed by radio, feature film, television, and comic book versions. While many of his stories depicted Cassidy and other men of the Bar-20 ranch, he also wrote novels (and short stories) of other Westerners, starting with Johnny Nelson. He also wrote nonfiction, mostly about the West, the outdoors, and motoring.

Available eBooks

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    Bar-20 (1906)

    Clarence Mulford’s classic Western introduces the legendary Hopalong Cassidy and other colorful cohorts from the Bar-20 ranch. While the Hopalong more »

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    Bar-20 Days (1911)

    Master gunslinger Hopalong Cassidy confronts his ultimate challenge, Slim Travennes, the head of the Sandy Creek Vigilante Committee and a super-fast more »

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    Bring Me His Ears (1922)

    Early 1840’s and the West is opening up. Wagon trains are headed to the Oregon Territories and Texas is still an independent republic. Tom Boyd is more »

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    Hopalong Cassidy (1910)

    Fans familiar with the polished and polite on-screen version of this indelible Western hero may be taken aback at their first encounter with his more »

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    Tex (1922)

    Tex Ewalt was educated before he came west and can quote Shakespeare, philosophy, and the Bible, which spices up his conversation some. He’s gotten more »

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    The Coming of Cassidy (1908)

    Buck Peters put everything he owned into the Bar-20 and thought he could make a go of it. It looked pretty good too, until he fell in with that gang of more »

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    The Orphan (1908)

    The Orphan is one of Clarence E. Mulford’s most intriguing novels. From the moment he is accused of bushwacking two sheep farmers, to the moment he more »