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Andrew Lang Fairy Books

by Andrew Lang

Series Description

Andrew Lang’s coloured Fairy Books constitute a twelve-volume series of fairy tale collections. Although Lang didn’t collect the stories from the oral tradition himself, he can make claim to the first English translation of many, which are often cited as inspiration to J.R. Tolken and his Middle-Earth novels.

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    1. The Blue Fairy Book (1889)

    It is almost impossible to envision what childhood would be like without the enchanting world of fairyland. Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, giants... read more »

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    2. The Red Fairy Book (1890)

    In a second gleaning of the fields of Fairy Land we cannot expect to find a second Perrault. But there are good stories enough left, and it is hoped... read more »

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    3. The Green Fairy Book (1892)

    These collections are specifically intended for children, and consequently edited for that end. When Andrew began publishing these books there were... read more »

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    4. The Yellow Fairy Book (1894)

    A collection of traditional fairy tales from the folklore of Russia, Germany, France, Iceland, and America. Includes original 138 black-and-white... read more »

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    5. The Pink Fairy Book (1897)

    For this collection, Andrew Lang gathered Danish, Swedish, Sicilian, African, Catalan, Japanese, German, and French stories. While the stories may not... read more »

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    6. The Grey Fairy Book (1900)

    These tales are derived from many countries; Lithuania, various parts of Africa, Germany, France, Greece, and other regions of the world. They have been... read more »

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    7. The Violet Fairy Book (1901)

    For this collection, Andrew Lang gathered African, Scandinavian, Egyptian and even Babylonian stoires. While they may not be familiar to you, they are... read more »

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    8. The Crimson Fairy Book (1903)

    Each Fairy Book demands a preface from the Editor, and these introductions are inevitably both mono-tonous and unavailing. A sense of literary honesty... read more »

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    9. The Brown Fairy Book (1904)

    The stories in this Fairy Book come from all quarters of the world. For example, the adventures of 'Ball-Carrier and the Bad One' are told by Red Indian... read more »

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    10. The Orange Fairy Book (1906)

    In this volume there are stories from the natives of Rhodesia, collected by Mr. Fairbridge, who speaks the native language, and one is brought by Mr... read more »

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    11. The Olive Fairy Book (1907)

    The Olive Fairy Book contains eight Punjabi tales, five from Armenia, 16 other stories from Turkey, Denmark, the Sudan, and more. An enchanting world of... read more »

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    12. The Lilac Fairy Book (1910)

    The twelfth in Andrew Lang's Fairy Book series containing 33 tales from Portugal, Ireland, Wales and points East and West, among them "The Brown Bear of... read more »