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by Edgar Wallace

Series Description

During 1907 Wallace travelled to the Congo Free State to report on atrocities committed against the Congolese under King Leopold II of Belgium and the Belgian rubber companies. Isabel Thorne of the Weekly Tale-Teller penny magazine, invited Wallace to serialise stories inspired by his experiences there. These were published as his first collection Sanders of the River , became a best seller and was adapted into a film starring Paul Robeson in 1935. Wallace went on to publish eleven more collections. These are tales of exotic adventure and local tribal rites, set on an African river.

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    1. Sanders of the River (1911)

    Charged with the task of engaging with the indigenous peoples of Nigeria during the colonial period, Sanders takes a no-nonsense approach that, though... read more »

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    2. The People of the River (1911)

    The second installment in the enthralling exploits of Commissioner Sanders, Great Britain’s man in colonial Africa Commissioner Sanders should have... read more »

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    3. The River of Stars (1913)

    A story of crime chiefly connected with diamond mines. A series of stories of mysterious crimes and strange events. The problems are solved, not by a... read more »

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    4. Bosambo Of The River (1914)

    The fourth instalment of the Sanders series. Those who love classic adventure especially set against an African backdrop will discover a rich vein of... read more »

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    5. Bones (1915)

    It is a time when the major world powers are vying for colonial honors, a time of ju-ju, witch doctors, and an uneasy peace with Bosambo, impressive... read more »

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    6. The Keepers of the King's Peace (1917)

    Another entry in Edgar Wallace's eminently popular Sanders of the River series, The Keepers of the King's Peace is an unlikely but ultimately engaging... read more »

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    7. Lieutenant Bones (1918)

    It is a time when the major world powers are vying for colonial honors, a time of juju, witch doctors, and an uneasy peace with Bosambo, the impressive... read more »

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    8. Bones in London (1921)

    After a tour of duty overseas, the eccentric character Augustus Tibbetts (known as 'Bones' to his associates) returns to London to embark on civilian... read more »

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    9. Sandi the Kingmaker (1922)

    Sanders and Co. return to Africa (following the events in Bones in London) to bring the old Kings country under the Union Jack and to try and find what... read more »

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    10. Bones of the River (1923)

    It is a time when the world's most powerful nations are vying for colonial honor, a time of trading steamers and tribal chiefs. In the mysterious... read more »

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    11. Sanders (1926)

    Employing his unique style of innocent and endearing humour, Bones has written to the newspapers The Surrey Star and The Middlesex Plain Dealer inviting... read more »

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    12. Again Sanders (1928)

    The situation appears calm in the colonial area of the Sanders. But dark clouds are gathering on the horizon and the Captain Hamilton and the... read more »